January 8, 2019

Top House And Techno Artists

Who are the top house and techno artists that lit up the dance floor in 2018? Read on to find out.


1.      Chekov

Though talked about before coming to the front stage, music producer, Chekov made an impression with his debut record on Shanti Celeste’s Peach Discs. UK clubs have been blasting his dark, mechanical and weirdly enjoyable tracks that connect them with the oddball enjoyable end of German techno.


2.      Ciel

Also known as Toronto DJ, Ciel is another artist who debuted through Peach Discs as well, along with promoter, Cindy Li have been striving to highlight the femme and queer talent in urban areas. A combination of deep house, jungle and ambient influences, Li manages to create an abstract version of the 90s.


3.      Crump

Combining UK garage swing with the deep and rich vibes of dub, Alexander Crump and his ‘Ice & Spheres’ released under Idle Hands label have made him one of the best-selling minimal house track artists.


4.      Gabe & Jude

The newest additions to the house scene around Washington DC, the artists hailing from Northern Virginia, with their Smith Switch 12″ was a refreshing change. A pairing of runway techno with a house track which carries across as a homage to the early Junior Boys, it is clear that Gabe & Jude have more to offer in their upcoming release that features a kaleidoscopic take on UK garage.


5.      JASSS

Starting as a recording and film editor this Spanish producer carries over her professional touch in her music that combines a little bit of cinematic techno, dub, punk, hardcore, and African and South American rhythms. Her album Weightless which was released under iDEAL was a revolutionary underground gem.


6.      Jayson Wynters

Detroit techno has found its voice with Wynters’ EP Double Standards in 2017, bringing through it a futuristic take on the rigid tech-house music. Wynters’ music stands apart from the rest of the timeless club tracks by virtue of their gritty nature.


7.      Object Blue

Despite having released only a handful of tracks, Object Blue from London has already made a name for herself for her live sets which is an experimental collision of trippy wormhole techno, bass-heavy UK sounds, and wonky rhythms. These beats are bound to make you bust a move.


8.      Rosa Terenzi

This Australian newcomer, despite being new to the Vancouver house scene, manages to retain some of the aspects of the same, while breaking through the structure by adding a tough, acid-flecked side to her tracks that are guaranteed to catch the attention of everyone from lo-fi house to gritty techno fans.

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